Baby goat wows fans with 22-inch ears

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Baby goat wows fans with 22-inch ears
Baby goat with 22-inch long ears (Photo via Reuters)

Some social media stars win fame through their looks, others through their jokes. The 22-inch ears of Simba the baby goat, which are still growing, have captured the attention of the internet, Reuters reported.

Since his birth on June 4 in Karachi, Pakistan, the tawny-coated baby goat has attracted thousands of fans on YouTube and other channels. The Guinness Book of Records has received information about Simba from his breeder, Mohammad Hassan Narejo, he is unsure whether the organization keeps track of such measurements. He is still expecting a reply.

Simba‘s ears were 48cm (19 inches) long at birth. In barely over a month, they have added another three inches to their height, and they don’t seem to be slowing down.

“I got a special velvet harness or pouch to keep his ears, so he can run and play with ease without entangling his ears,” Narejo told Reuters.

Narejo has big aspirations for Simba despite working in the Karachi airport’s air traffic control division.

“I plan to preserve Simba’s semen for artificial insemination so if, God forbid, he is no more his breed can continue,” he added.

In addition to providing Simba with milk three times per day and other care, he has also installed a black thread around the animal’s neck to keep off the evil eye.

“Evil eye can destroy a mountain. He is just a kid goat with celebrity status,” Narejo said.

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