Audi’s Luxurious Electric Mountain Bike Priced at $10,000

Mar 13, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT
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Audi's Luxurious Electric Mountain Bike Priced at $10,000
(Image Credit: AudiUK)

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Audi, one of the most luxurious automakers in the world, has stepped into the world of upscale e-bikes with its latest offering – the electric mountain bike. With design inspiration from the brand’s RS Q E-tron E2 electric Dakar Rally racer, this bike promises high-end specifications that are sure to impress biking enthusiasts. Built by Italy’s Fantic, the bike is based on the XMF 1.7 model and boasts a 250W Brose motor, similar to that used in Harley-Davidson’s Serial 1 Bash/Mtn. The motor, when combined with Fantic’s 720Wh battery, provides a robust 66ft/lb of torque.

Although Audi has not yet revealed the top speed or range of the bike, its power pack is considerably larger than the Bash/Mtn’s 529Wh unit, which offers a range of between 30 to 95 miles, depending on the conditions. Like other Brose-powered e-bikes, the Audi model has four levels of electric assistance, ranging from a mild Eco mode to the all-out Boost mode.


The aluminum frame design of the bike incorporates unique features, such as Braking IN.CA.S disc brakes, an Öhlins fork and shock, and Sram components for the chain, shifters, and derailleur. Additionally, Italian elements, including the Vittoria tires and Sella Italia saddle, lend a touch of luxury. The Öhlins gear provides 7.1in of suspension travel, outdoing the XMF 1.7’s 6.7in.

The Audi electric mountain bike is available in three sizes but is a limited run model, making it exclusive and rare. The bike is priced at £8,499 (about $10,200) in the UK, making it one of the most expensive e-bikes on the market. It sits around the same price as Porsche’s $10,700 eBike Sport and well above the $3,999 Bash/Mtn, the GMC Hummer e-bike (also $3,999), and the more potent $5,499 Jeep e-bike. However, the price tag is justified by the bike’s impressive specs, high-quality components, and unique design elements.


If you are a biking enthusiast with a deep pocket and a love for high-end luxury, then the Audi electric mountain bike may be the perfect fit for you. It may be costly, but if you can afford one of Audi’s higher-end electric vehicles, then this two-wheeler is likely within reach. The limited edition status of this bike makes it all the more desirable, ensuring that it is a rare and exclusive item that only a select few will get to enjoy.

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