Apple TV+ orders children’s and family series ‘Surfside Girls,’ Yaya Gosselin and Mia Seich playing the lead roles in the series

Dec 11, 2021, 3:27 PM UTC
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Apple TV+ orders children's and family series 'Surfside Girls,' Yaya Gosselin and Mia Seich playing the lead roles in the series
Image courtesy: Apple Inc.

‘Surfside Girls,’ new 10-episode live-action kids and family series from WGA Award winner and Daytime Emmy Award winner May Chan, was given a series order by Apple TV+ yesterday. The series is based on author Kim Dwinell’s best-selling Top Shelf Productions (IDW Publishing) graphic novel series of the same name.

‘Surfside Girls’ is a family-friendly adventure series starring Yaya Gosselin and Mia Seich as Sam and Jade, two best friends who work together to protect their town. Sam and Jade are excited to spend their summer surfing and soaking up the rays. That is until they are confronted by a ghost.

The girls get caught in a mystery involving a pirate ship and the rumored cursed treasure hidden beneath Surfside’s famed Danger Point bluff. Sam wants to help a pirate spirit named Remi remove the curse after meeting him, while Jade is determined to find a scientific explanation for ghosts.

Sam and Jade will have to combine their very different approaches to logic and imagination to unlock the secrets. They’re determined to piece together the clues, solve the mystery, and save Surfside together… and maybe even help a couple of pirate ghosts along the way.

‘Surfside Girls’ will be written and executive produced by Chan, who will also serve as showrunner. Endeavor Content and IDW Entertainment will produce the show for Apple TV+, while Paul Stupin will serve as executive producer. Writers and executive producers are Alex Diaz and Julie Sagalowsky Diaz.

The first two episodes will be directed and executive produced by America Young. Lydia Antonini will also act as the series’s executive producer. For IDW, Paul Davidson and Jeff Brustrom will serve as executive producers.

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