Apple allows developers to distribute unlisted apps in App Store

Feb 1, 2022, 10:04 PM UTC
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Apple allows developers to distribute unlisted apps in App Store
Credit: Apple Inc.

Developers can now publish unlisted apps through Apple’s App Store, according to Apple (mention in their developer support notes).

Users can access unlisted apps through a direct link, and they will not appear in public search results or suggestions based on the customer’s profile. Administrators can only access these apps through Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.

According to Apple, the unlisted apps are appropriate for a limited audience, such as members of an organization, participants in research studies, guests at special events, or specific groups of employees.

Developers who want to make an app unlisted and receive a special link to it, however, must first submit a request to Apple. After the request is approved, the app’s distribution methodology will be converted to Unlisted App, and any future updates will follow the same process. All unlisted apps must be ready for final distribution since the company will not allow those that are still in beta or pre-release.

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