Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

Jun 8, 2021, 3:15 PM UTC
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Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

iPadOS 15 brings more intuitive multitasking, a new Home Screen design with integrated widgets, the App Library same as the iPhone App Library which Apple introduced last year in iOS 14 at the WWDC 2020 event, a new systemwide note-taking with Quick Note, SharePlay, a new look of Safari, and more.

iPadOS 15 is available this fall, see the below-supported devices:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (1st generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st generation)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch
  • iPad (9th generation) (Pre-loaded)
  • iPad (8th generation)
  • iPad (7th generation)
  • iPad (6th generation)
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • iPad mini (6th generation) (Pre-loaded)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad Air (4th generation)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • iPad Air 2

With iPadOS 15, a new multitasking menu shows at the top of apps, allowing users to quickly switch to Split View or Slide Over. When utilizing Split View, users may now instantly visit the Home Screen, making it quicker to find the relevant program. Users can now multitask with apps that feature multiple windows, like Safari and Pages and preview emails using a new shelf.

With all-new keyboard shortcuts and a redesigned menu bar, users can get more done with the external keyboard. With new keyboard shortcuts for multitasking, users can easily set up and move between Split View and Slide Over.

Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features
Split View and Slide Over (via Apple)

Widgets can now be placed among apps on Home Screen pages, giving users more information at a glance and a more personalized experience. A new, larger widget size was created exclusively for the iPad’s larger display and is ideal for showing videos, music, games, photographs, and more. New widgets for the App Store, Find My, Game Center, Mail, and Contacts are also included in iPadOS 15.

With an all-new App Library in the iPadOS 15 let automatically adjusts the apps into smart folder categories like games, productivity, and more, which will help easily to access apps from the Dock.

With new capabilities that make it easier to capture and organize thoughts, note-taking on the iPad gets even better. Quick Note, a quick and easy way to take notes anywhere across the system, takes notes system-wide. Users can pull up Quick Note anyplace to scribble down a thought and add links, offering a fast method to return back to exactly what they were looking at, whether they’re browsing in Safari or looking for a restaurant on Yelp.

New ways to organize, collaborate, and gather data have been added to Notes. With an all-new Tag Browser and tag-based Smart Folders, it’s easy to categorize notes and find them quickly. Mentions provide a method to notify collaborators and link them back to the note for users working in shared notes, and a new Activity view displays recent updates in the note.

  • Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features
  • Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

FaceTime allows users to connect with those who matter most, and interactions with friends and family are even more natural with iPadOS 15. Users may now connect with friends on FaceTime and share experiences with SharePlay, such as listening to music together with Apple Music, watching a TV show or movie in sync, or sharing their screen to explore apps together.

Anyone can play, pause, or skip forward using shared playback controls. Users can share the experience with friends and family via FaceTime by extending playback to Apple TV and watching it on their TV. Users may also share their screens with SharePlay, which is ideal for browsing the web together.

  • Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features
  • Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

Safari now features a new tab design that allows users to see more of the page while browsing. Tabs, the toolbar, and the search field are all combined into a single, compact design in a new tab bar that matches the color of the webpage.

Tab Groups are a new approach to save and manage tabs that is ideal for vacation planning, shopping, and keeping frequently visited tabs. Tab Groups also sync between Mac and iPhone, allowing users to work on projects from anywhere and share them effortlessly with friends and family. Safari on iPad now includes web extensions, which may be downloaded from the App Store.

Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

Focus is a new feature in iPadOS 15 that allows the user to select notifications and apps based on what they want to focus on. Customers may personalize their smartphone to help them be more present at the moment by setting a specific Focus or selecting a suggested Focus, which uses on-device intelligence to identify who and what apps should be notified.

Focus suggestions are based on the user’s current situation, such as at work or getting ready for bed, and once set on one Apple device, it applies to all of their other Apple devices.

Users can personalize their Home Screen pages with apps and widgets that only show relevant apps and prevent temptation by applying them to focused moments. When a user’s Focus is set to block receiving notifications, their Messages status is modified to show that they are currently unavailable.

Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

The notification experience in iPadOS 15 has also been improved, with people’s contact photos and larger app icons making it easier to find you. By collecting non-essential messages and delivering them at a more convenient time, such as in the morning or evening, the new notification experience helps to limit distractions.

Thanks to advanced on-device intelligence, notifications can be arranged by priority, with the most relevant notifications appearing first, and depending on a user’s activities with apps.

Urgent messages will be delivered immediately, so important communications will not end up in the summary, and it’s easy to temporarily mute any app or messaging thread for the next hour or for the day.

A new Live Text feature uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in a photo and follow users to take action. For example, users can search for and locate the picture of a handwritten family recipe, or capture a phone number from a storefront with the option to place a call.

The Camera app can now instantly recognize and copy the text at the moment, like the Wi-Fi password shown at a neighborhood coffee shop, thanks to Apple Neural Engine technology. Users can discover more about popular art and places across the world, as well as plants and flowers found in nature, pet breeds, and even books, using Visual Look Up.

Spotlight can now search images by location, people, scenes, or objects, and it can now find text and handwriting in photos using Live Text. Spotlight now has new rich results for actors, musicians, TV shows, and movies, as well as web image search. Contacts with enhanced results can see recent discussions, shared photos, and even their location if they’ve shared it using Find My.

Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

Apple debuted the Translate app for iOS 14 last year at WWDC 2020, a new way to start a conversation; this year at WWDC 2021, Apple expanded the Translate app to iPadOS 15, making it easier and more natural for iPad users.

Auto Translate detects when someone is speaking and in which language by utilizing the Translate app, so users don’t have to keep tapping on the microphone button. It’s fully automatic, so all you have to do is speak.

Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

The face-to-face view allows two people to sit across from each other with an iPad between them and see translations of the conversation from their own side for even more personal conversations. On iPad, you can now translate text by choosing it and clicking Translate, and you can also translate handwritten text. Users can even transform words into photos when using Live Text.

With iPadOS 15, Apple now allows users or developers to build iPhone and iPad apps using Swift Playgrounds on the iPad and submit them directly to the App Store. The code can be easily reflected in the live preview while building the apps, and users can run their apps full screen to test them out.

A new open project format based on Swift packages can be open and edited in both Swift Playgrounds for iPad and Xcode for Mac, giving users even more flexibility when developing apps for both platforms.

Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

iPadOS 15 also includes a new Universal Control feature that allows users to easily navigate between iPad and Mac with just a single mouse and keyboard. Users can simply drag and drop content between devices.

Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

Also, the shared with you feature searches the entire system for articles, music, TV shows, photos, and more that have been shared in Messages conversations and surfaces them in apps like Photos, Safari, Apple News, Music, Podcasts, and the Apple TV app, allowing you to quickly access information in context.

Memories in the Photos app has also been updated, with a new look, an interactive interface, and integration with Apple Music, which tailors music selections to bring memories to life using on-device intelligence.

Apple Maps has undergone significant revisions, including many improved data for neighborhoods, commercial districts, elevation, and structures in cities, as well as new road colors and labels, custom-designed landmarks, and a new night-time mode with a moonlit glow.

Apple introduces iPadOS 15 with all-new productivity features

Apple has included additional privacy features, including Mail Privacy Protection, which stops senders from knowing if an email has been opened and masks IP addresses, preventing senders from learning a user’s location and using it to build a profile on them.

Announced Notifications have been added to AirPods, allowing users to share what’s on their screen simply by asking Siri.

Apple also adds new premium capabilities to iCloud, including Hide My Email, Secure Video support for HomeKit, a new privacy service, and iCloud Private Relay, all of which are free.

This fall, Apple will give all iCloud users a free upgrade to the new iCloud+, and all iCloud+ plans can be shared with others in the same way that the Family Sharing Group can.

Source: Apple

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