Apple discontinuing its Apple Watch Series 3

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Apple discontinuing its Apple Watch Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3 (Courtesy of Apple Inc.)

Apple has officially discontinued the older Apple Watch Series 3 that was offered as a low-cost $199 alternative with the introduction of the new Apple Watch Series 8 and the improved Apple Watch SE.

The Apple Watch Series 3, which has been in sale since 2017, is similar to the first-generation models and lacks the larger casings that Apple started offering with the Series 4 models. When it was released, it was the first Apple Watch with cellular connectivity.

The Apple Watch Series 3 retails for $199, but you can find it for significantly less through third-party stores having discounts. The $249 Apple Watch SE, which has a newer chip than the Apple Watch Series 3 and a more modern look, is now Apple’s affordable Apple Watch choice.


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