Apple unveils new Mac Pro with M2 Ultra chip

Jun 6, 2023, 5:30 AM UTC
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Apple unveils new Mac Pro with M2 Ultra chip
(Image credit: Apple)

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Apple has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with its latest announcement. Today, the company unveiled the highly anticipated Mac Pro desktop tower, equipped with the all-new M2 Ultra chip. This remarkable addition promises to revolutionize the computing experience for professionals and power users alike.

At the heart of the new Mac Pro lies the groundbreaking M2 Ultra chip, boasting a 24-core CPU and an astonishing 76-core GPU. This extraordinary combination of processing power provides unparalleled performance, making even the most demanding tasks a breeze. Furthermore, with support for up to 192GB of memory, users can expect seamless multitasking and exceptional responsiveness.

Apple’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries is further exemplified by the new Mac Pro’s impressive design. While maintaining the sleek aesthetic of its predecessor, the Intel-based model, this iteration introduces several noteworthy enhancements. Notably, the tower now features eight Thunderbolt 4 ports, doubling the previous iteration’s connectivity capabilities. This substantial increase allows for the seamless integration of multiple devices and peripherals, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

In addition to the enhanced Thunderbolt connectivity, Apple has incorporated two higher-bandwidth HDMI ports into the Mac Pro, capable of supporting stunning 8K displays at an impressive 240Hz. This advancement caters to the growing demand for high-resolution content creation and consumption, offering professionals an unrivaled visual experience. Moreover, the Mac Pro offers seven PCIe expansion slots, allowing users to customize their setup according to their unique requirements and preferences.

Recognizing the importance of network connectivity, Apple has equipped the new Mac Pro with dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. This addition enables lightning-fast data transfers and ensures seamless collaboration in high-performance computing environments. Furthermore, Apple has included a headphone jack that supports impedance headphones, catering to audiophiles and professionals working with audio-intensive tasks.

Storage capacity is another aspect where the Mac Pro excels. Offering configurations with up to a staggering 8TB of SSD storage, users can store and access their vast libraries of files, media, and projects without compromise. This ample storage capacity ensures that professionals can work efficiently without worrying about running out of space.

Building upon the advancements seen in the new Mac Studio, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini models, Apple has incorporated support for faster Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 into the new Mac Pro. These cutting-edge wireless technologies provide lightning-fast connectivity, enabling seamless data transfer and ensuring a reliable connection to peripheral devices.

2023 Mac Pro price & availability

The excitement surrounding the new Mac Pro is heightened by the fact that it is available for order starting today. Customers can anticipate the arrival of their highly anticipated machines and the official launch in stores on Tuesday, June 13. In terms of pricing, the new Mac Pro starts at $6,999 in the United States, representing a modest increase compared to the previous Intel-based Mac Pro, which started at $5,999. Additionally, a rack-mounted version of the Mac Pro remains available, with pricing starting at $7,499.