Amazon surveys customers for possible web browser launch

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Amazon surveys customers for possible web browser launch
(Image Credit: Amazon)

Amazon is reportedly exploring the possibility of launching its own web browser for desktops, according to the senior reporter for Consumer Reports, Nicholas De Leon. While Google Chrome has dominated the browser market for years, holding over 60% market share worldwide, Amazon may pose a potential challenge to the tech giant’s dominance.

To gauge interest in the possibility of an Amazon browser, the company is currently conducting surveys with select customers, focusing on specific features such as ad blocking, password management, cross-platform compatibility, VPN, and other security features. The survey is also asking participants which browsers they currently use and which features would convince them to switch to a new browser.

Amazon surveys customers for possible web browser launch
Screenshot shared by Nicholas De Leon on Twitter on March 13th, 2023.

The potential release of an Amazon browser could have significant implications for the advertising industry, particularly with Google moving away from third-party cookies. Amazon’s existing data collection capabilities combined with browsing data could give the company an edge over other tech giants like Google and Facebook, enabling it to create a more targeted and efficient ad platform. Furthermore, an Amazon browser could offer features catered toward online shopping, such as price comparisons and rebate alerts.

Although Amazon has previously released a browser called Silk, it was primarily designed for use with the company’s services. However, based on the highly specific questions in the new survey, it appears that Amazon is seriously considering launching a browser specifically meant for desktops and laptops.