What is Amazon QuickSight Q?

Sep 26, 2021, 7:57 PM UTC
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What is Amazon QuickSight Q?
Image | Amazon AWS

The Amazon QuickSight Q is a machine learning-powered technology that allows anyone in a company to ask business questions in natural language and receive correct answers with appropriate visualizations to help in data analysis.

To deliver visualizations, Amazon QuickSight Q does not rely on prebuilt dashboards or reports, which eliminates the need for Business Intelligence (BI) analysts to update a dashboard every time a new business question emerges, allowing anybody to ask questions and receive visual answers in seconds.

With an easy-to-use editor, customers can fine-tune how Amazon QuickSight Q understands queries, eliminating the need for sophisticated data preparation before users may ask questions of data in natural language.

Amazon QuickSight Q understands the intent of a query and analyzes the correct facts to quickly deliver accurate answers to business inquiries using machine learning. Amazon QuickSight Q also offers to autocomplete suggestions for key phrases and business terms, as well as spell checking and acronym/synonym matching, removing the need for customers to worry about typos or knowing the right business terminology for their data.

What is Amazon QuickSight Q?
Q uses machine learning to automatically understand the meaning and relationships among business data, providing you with answers to your questions in seconds (Image | Amazon AWS)
What is Amazon QuickSight Q?
Q is pre-trained on data from domains such as sales, marketing, financial services, healthcare, and sports analytics so it understands your business language and terms (Image | Amazon AWS)
What is Amazon QuickSight Q?
Q lets you can get insights into your data quickly as you no longer have to wait for BI teams to update the data and dashboards for every new question (Image | Amazon AWS)

Customers can use Amazon QuickSight Q and only pay for the number of users or queries. See more details at AWS and see the pricing structure.

Amazon QuickSight Q currently supports questions in English and is generally available today to customers running Amazon QuickSight in US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), and Europe (London), with availability in additional AWS Regions coming soon.

“Customers love that Amazon QuickSight makes it easy for them to perform advanced analytics without prior data science experience, and they’re using it in ways that are surprising and delightful,” says Matt Wood, VP of Business Analytics, AWS. “Now, with Amazon QuickSight Q, anyone within an organization has the ability to ask natural language questions and receive highly relevant answers and visualizations. For the first time, anyone can tap into the full power of data to make quick, reliable, data-driven decisions to plan more efficiently and be more responsive to their end users.”

Forwood is an innovative, values-driven company with a laser focus on critical risks and fatality prevention. “With Amazon QuickSight Q, we bring life-saving safety analytics to more people than ever before,” said Faye Crompton, Head of Analytics, Forwood. “Our FAST (Forwood Analytical Self-Service Tool for Reporting) users will now have the opportunity to ask their own questions via the natural language-based interface to query and quickly visualize fatality risks on their sites. This is ground breaking in the industry, making fatality prevention data readily available to workers at all levels of the organization, not just to those with experience in analytics and data reporting. Amazon QuickSight Q will enable all of our users to identify sites or work areas that have an increasing fatality risk, based on emerging trends in non-conformance to safety standards. Amazon QuickSight Q is a great addition to our innovative suite of tools and ensures Forwood’s critical risk management solution ‘CRM’ has the most advanced data analysis capabilities to provide our customers with unparalleled insights into their safety and risk status.”

PeopleScout is a leading global provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions, managing talent solutions that support total workforce needs. “The addition of Amazon QuickSight Q to Affinix Analytics, our award-winning platform that provides clients with insights and operational metrics to drive business decisions throughout the recruitment process, will reduce the manual effort required to analyze data, enhance the ability of clients and delivery teams to make data-driven decisions, and optimize the talent process while providing a best-in-class experience for candidates,” said Anna Turner, Senior Vice President of Product, PeopleScout. “As consumers in a technology-enabled world, we expect an on-demand experience for everything we do. With Amazon QuickSight Q, we are thrilled to bring that same experience to business users through on-demand answers and data visualizations in seconds with Affinix Analytics.”

Companies wish to be more data-driven in their decision-making, but the expense and complexity of traditional BI systems prevent most companies from doing so effectively. Companies, for example, would prefer to support high-velocity choices with data insights, such as whether to modify prices based on real-time patterns.

Many clients utilize Amazon QuickSight to solve this problem, which is a scalable, serverless, embeddable, machine learning-powered BI solution created for the cloud that makes it simple to construct and publish interactive BI dashboards.

Clients value Amazon QuickSight’s ability to automatically interpret and describe in plain language what the data in a BI dashboard means, but they also want the ability for any user to ask business questions of their data in plain language and receive accurate answers and relevant visualizations.

While several BI tools and providers have sought to address this issue, current solutions either require BI teams to spend months preparing and modeling data in advance, or they ask BI teams to forego accuracy and relevance in order to produce representations more rapidly. For consumers that merely want highly relevant insight from their data immediately, neither of these trade-offs is optimal.

Anyone can use Amazon QuickSight Q to get powerful analytics by asking business questions of their data in natural language and getting accurate answers with relevant visualizations in seconds.

Users simply type their inquiry into Amazon QuickSight Q. As soon as users start entering their inquiries in natural language, Amazon QuickSight Q offers to autocomplete suggestions for important phrases and business terms, allowing users to focus on their questions rather than worrying about typos or remembering the exact terminology in the business data.

Machine learning (natural language processing, schema understanding, and semantic parsing for SQL code generation) is used by Amazon QuickSight Q to automatically understand the meaning and relationships among business data, providing users with accurate answers and relevant visualizations in response to questions in seconds, freeing BI teams from the time-consuming task of updating calculations, visuals, and reports.

Customers may adjust the way Amazon QuickSight Q understands inquiries with an easy-to-use editor, eliminating the need for complicated data preparation before asking questions of data in natural language.

Because Amazon QuickSight Q isn’t relying on pre-built dashboards and reports, users may explore all of their data and aren’t confined to only asking a limited set of questions, providing end-users with the information they need in seconds.

Amazon QuickSight Q’s machine learning models have been pre-trained on data from a variety of areas (sales reporting, advertisements and marketing, financial services, healthcare, and sports analytics), allowing it to understand complicated business language and offer correct responses and visualizations.

For example, sales users can ask, “How are my sales tracking against quota?” or retail customers can ask, “What are the top products sold week-over-week by region?” Amazon QuickSight Q gives BI teams insight into the questions end users most frequently want to be answered, so they can make improvements to their data models and dashboards.

Amazon QuickSight Q improves over time as a result of the auto-complete sentences a user chooses. Even the most non-technical individuals in an organization can now simply ask questions of data in plain language and receive visual replies in seconds, allowing anybody to benefit from BI visualizations and helping businesses to gain more value from the business insights Amazon QuickSight Q provides.

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