Amazon will start Prime Air drone deliveries in College Station, Texas later this year

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Amazon will start Prime Air drone deliveries in College Station, Texas later this year
MK27-2, Amazon's latest design. Its unique hexagonal design provides six degrees of freedom for stability. The propellers have been specifically designed to minimize high-frequency soundwaves. (Credit: Amazon.com, Inc.)

Amazon announced last month that it would provide drone delivery for consumers in Lockeford, California. Many people have expressed interest in using drones to deliver their Amazon orders. Now, the company is to begin reaching out to customers in College Station, Texas, so they can also receive drone deliveries later this year.

With the launch of this service in College Station, Amazon hopes to collaborate with the community and its respected institution on some of the outstanding work being done in the field of drone technology.

The years of innovation, testing, and invention by creative teams of scientists, engineers, aerospace experts, and futurists working on Prime Air have enabled the development of Amazon’s services.

Amazon promises to bring Lockeford and College Station more than just drone deliveries. Additionally, the company will develop new relationships with neighborhood organizations, add jobs, and reduce the impact of climate change on future generations with these Prime Air drone deliveries.

“Amazon’s new facility presents a tremendous opportunity for College Station to be at the forefront of the development of drone delivery technology,” said College Station Mayor Karl Mooney. “We look forward to partnering with Amazon and Texas A&M and are confident that Amazon will be a productive, conscientious, and accountable participant in our community.”

“Being one of the first drone delivery locations for Amazon puts College Station at the forefront of this exciting technology. What happens here will help advance drone delivery for the rest of the country and perhaps the rest of the world,” said John Sharp, chancellor of The Texas A&M University System. “We welcome Amazon to our community and stand ready to assist however we can.”

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