Amazon launches laptop size Echo Show 15

Sep 29, 2021, 8:54 PM UTC
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Amazon launches laptop size Echo Show 15
Echo Show 15 (Image | Courtesy of Amazon)

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Amazon announced a new device to their Echo family called Echo Show 15 with a 1080p Full HD 15.6-inch laptop size display and you can mount Echo Show 15 to your wall or simply place it on the table whether it is in portrait or landscape position.

Echo Show 15 Orientation
Echo Show 15 Orientation (Image | Courtesy of Amazon)

The new Amazon Echo Show 15 is powered by the Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which features a quad-core scalable architecture and 22x more TOPS (trillions of operations per second) than the previous model. AZ2 can handle voice recognition on devices in the same way that AZ1 can, and it can also process computer vision (CV) workload in parallel.

The AZ2 architecture was custom designed by Amazon and runs ML-based speech models significantly faster than its predecessor, allowing CV algorithms that previously required massive cloud computing power to be processed entirely on the edge. This means that the Echo Show 15 will be able to recognize the person enrolled in visual ID and process their voice right on the device.

Alexa can recognize you and personalize the on-screen content on the Echo Show 15 with the new visual ID feature. If you walk in front of the Echo Show 15 after enrolling in visual ID, Alexa will recognize you and refresh the screen to show you a personalized greeting, personal reminders, calendar events, recently played music or personal messages from others in your house. If you enroll your child in visual ID for kids, the Echo Show 15’s home screen will change to only show age-appropriate material once your child has been detected.

The Echo Show 15 supports 1080p video streaming, and you can use Alexa to watch movies or TV shows from major streaming services such as Prime Video, Netflix, or Hulu, as well as SLING TV, by just asking Alexa. TikTok videos will be available on Echo Show 15 soon, according to the company.

You can also ask Alexa to play music or read Audible books for you, and she can provide you with news updates from ABC, NBC News NOW, and CBS News. Users may either hang or place the Echo Show 15 on a table to turn it into art by displaying full-screen photos from Amazon Photos, or you can use the Echo Show 15 pre-loaded art, nature, seasonal, or travel galleries.

Echo Show 15 is also designed with users’ privacy in mind, users can control microphones, camera, and the ability to view or delete voice recordings, and cover the camera using a built-in shutter. Users can also able to delete visual ID profiles anytime from the device settings or from the Alexa app.

Echo Show 15 Price & Availability

The new Amazon Echo Show 15 is available for $249.99 and will be soon available on Amazon.

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