Amazon unveils child-friendly version of Alexa for natural conversations

Kids can soon chat naturally with Alexa.
Sep 21, 2023, 7:10 PM EDT
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Amazon unveils child-friendly version of Alexa for natural conversations
Image: Amazon

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Amazon showcased its commitment to enhancing the conversational abilities of Alexa, its popular virtual assistant, during its annual hardware event. The tech giant is gearing up to launch a new and improved version of Alexa, infused with a powerful language model, promising users a more natural and engaging chat experience. But the big news isn’t just for adults — it extends to kids too, thanks to Amazon’s announcement of “Explore With Alexa.”


“Explore With Alexa” is a kid-friendly iteration of the updated chatbot, specially tailored to engage young minds in topics like animals and nature. It even comes loaded with fun trivia games and daily facts to keep children entertained and informed. To ensure a safe online experience, Amazon has implemented strict safeguards to protect kids from the darker corners of the internet.

Parents can anticipate the arrival of “Explore With Alexa” before the holiday season, and it’s set to expand beyond animal and nature topics in the future.

Accompanying this exciting Alexa update are some kid-friendly devices, catering to the younger members of the family. One such device is the Echo Pop Kids, a smart speaker that comes in two versions, appealing to both genders. There’s an “Avengers” version for fans of Earth’s mightiest heroes and a “Disney princess” model for enthusiasts of characters like Mulan and Cinderella. Priced at $49.99, the Echo Pop Kids also includes a generous six-month subscription to Amazon’s Kids+ service, with pre-orders available starting today.


Amazon also releasing a pair of tablets. The “Fire HD 10 Kids” tablet is designed for younger children, while the “Fire HD 10 Kids Pro” targets older kids. These 10-inch tablets boast a 25% performance boost compared to the previous generation, featuring 1080p FHD screens, 3GB of RAM, and access to a plethora of kid-centric apps. Priced at $189.99 each, both tablets come bundled with a one-year subscription to Amazon’s Kids+ service and offer a two-year warranty covering common accidental mishaps that parents often face. Pre-orders for these tablets are available starting today, with shipments scheduled for next month.

Both tablets also come with access to Amazon’s “Play Together” feature, offering kids access to online multiplayer games, with nearly a dozen new titles in the pipeline. Additionally, there’s an innovative app called “Music Maker” that lets children explore their musical creativity by blending instruments and sound effects with the assistance of AI, all through touch interactions.

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