Amazon Employees Return to the Office Three Days a Week

Amazon Joins the Trend of Three-Days-In-Office Policy
Feb 18, 2023, 6:14 PM EST
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Amazon Employees Return to the Office Three Days a Week
(Image Credit: Amazon)

In a move to bring its employees back to the office, Amazon has decided to adopt a three-days-in-office policy starting May 1st. Amazon’s CEO Andy Jassy announced the change in an email to the staff, citing the need to strengthen the company’s culture, foster collaboration, and promote learning opportunities.

Previously, Amazon left it up to individual teams to decide their in-office policies. However, the new policy will require employees to work from the office at least three days per week, with some exceptions for roles like salespeople and customer support.


Jassy acknowledged the challenges of bringing back thousands of employees to the office worldwide and stated that the company would give teams time to develop a plan. He also acknowledged that the transition would not be perfect at first, but the office experience would steadily improve over the coming months and years.

The three-days-in-office policy is not new, as other companies like Apple and Starbucks have already implemented similar policies. Walmart’s tech staff will be required to come into the office twice a week (WSJ reported), while Disney will require four days in the office starting in March (CNBC reported).

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the traditional office culture, with remote work becoming the norm for many companies. However, as vaccination rates increase and infection rates decrease, companies are gradually bringing their employees back to the office.


The move towards a three-days-in-office policy suggests a hybrid model of work, where employees can balance working from home and working from the office. It’s a model that can help improve work-life balance, reduce commuting times, and promote productivity.

Amazon’s decision to bring employees back to the office is a sign that the company is looking to strengthen its culture and foster collaboration among its staff. As more companies adopt similar policies, it remains to be seen how the traditional office culture will evolve in the years to come.

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