Amazon’s new Eero Max 7 promises 10-gigabit Ethernet speeds

Sep 21, 2023, 7:15 PM EDT
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Amazon's new Eero Max 7 promises 10-gigabit Ethernet speeds
Image: Amazon

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In a thrilling revelation at its annual fall event, Amazon has taken a giant leap in the world of wireless connectivity with the introduction of the Eero Max 7. This innovative Wi-Fi device seamlessly integrates the functions of a router, a range extender, and a repeater, promising lightning-fast 10-gigabit Ethernet connections. Imagine downloading a 4K movie in just 10 seconds or a massive 50-gigabyte video game in under a minute — that’s the groundbreaking potential Amazon is bringing to the table. The Eero Max 7 comes with a price tag of $599.99 and will soon be available through Amazon and select internet service providers.


At the event, Mimi Swain, Vice President of Ring, hinted at the Eero Max 7’s ideal application in large homes, businesses, and high-demand networks. This suggests that Amazon’s latest offering is not just a minor upgrade but a significant game-changer in the world of wireless networking.

Eero devices have long been known for their versatility and the ability to create mesh networks. This means you can spread your Wi-Fi coverage across multiple points for superior range and performance. Amazon is proudly branding the Eero Max 7 as its fastest device yet. It boasts support for the 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6 GHz radio bands, offering wireless speeds of up to 4.3Gbps and a remarkable 9.4Gbps for wired connections. With four Ethernet ports, a single Eero Max 7 can cover an impressive 2,500 square feet of wireless space, making it a compelling choice for larger environments.


Amazon’s journey into the world of advanced networking began in 2019 when it acquired Eero as part of its broader connected devices strategy. Notably, Amazon has integrated Eero with its Echo Dot speakers, effectively turning them into Wi-Fi extenders. The synergy between these devices has created a robust ecosystem for users seeking seamless and efficient home networking solutions.

In yet another exciting development announced during the event, Amazon revealed that its Echo Hub will feature a USB-C connector for Ethernet connections. This opens up exciting possibilities for devices like Eero, further enhancing their capabilities.


The Eero Max 7 is poised to revolutionize the way we experience internet connectivity, promising a future where lag and slow downloads are nothing more than distant memories. With its impressive speed and versatility, it is sure to find its place in homes, businesses, and networks craving high-performance Wi-Fi solutions.

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