Akenza incorporates Azure IoT hub as an output connector

Oct 17, 2021, 7:03 PM UTC
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Akenza incorporates Azure IoT hub as an output connector
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Akenza, a Swiss company, has included Microsoft’s Azure IoT hub as an output connector on its IoT platform. Recognize thousands of IoT devices deployed in an urban environment, a large number of devices that transmit and consume small amounts of data. LPWAN connectivity technologies such as LoRaWan and Sigfox are critical for such IoT rollouts.

Akenza incorporates Azure IoT hub as an output connector

LPWAN devices provide data via a payload encoded in formats that differ from typical data payloads in order to save energy consumption and keep data packets as compact as feasible. This complicates its installation and uses in the Azure IoT ecosystem with all of its features, rendering many possible use cases impractical. Akenza’s Azure IoT Hub output connector seeks to improve on this.

The company features a low-code IoT platform that allows customers to create IoT goods and services by connecting, controlling, and managing IoT devices. Akenza enables easy data processing in third-party applications by providing several output ports.

Users can now link their Azure IoT hub instance to their data destination. Device data from the Akenza platform can be processed and used in any Azure product after being sent to the appropriate Azure IoT hub. The procedure of connecting a specific Azure IoT hub to Akenza may be completed in a few clicks on the data flow level and is completely automated, allowing for secure and reliable communication between any low-power sensor and the Azure IoT hub.

In the low-power large IoT ecosystem, this integration enables use cases such as smart city, smart building, and smart industry.

“I am really delighted to see such straightforward applications from our innovative Swiss start-up partner,” said Maruscha Heyner, head of partnerships and marketing at Microsoft in Switzerland. “Akenza proves once more that IoT can be simplified through an appealing low-code platform and an ever-growing ecosystem.”

Fabian Gerschwiler, product manager at Akenza, added: “We are thrilled to offer such a great integration for our customers. Using advanced data analytics and other native Azure services is key for our corporate clients, and allows the joint use of Akenza and Azure with the best from both worlds.”

About Akenza

Akenza was established in 2017 with the goal of providing IoT solutions that are quick, simple, and cost-effective. It is located in Zurich, Switzerland’s financial center, where it assists enterprises from all across Europe in developing their own smart IoT products and services.

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