Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Your Time

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Adobe After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Your Time

Adobe After Effects is frequently used by post-production professionals and artists to create aesthetically spectacular work for tv, film, the web, and video and it is the industry-standard tool for visual effects and motion graphics.

However, for newcomers, the software might be quite difficult. Finding your way around the application can be hard due to the numerous toolbars and options. That being said, there are numerous keyboard shortcuts for Adobe After Effects that will make your life easier.

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Understand how to use the Adobe After Effects keyboard shortcuts to quickly access tons of features and save effort and time.

General Shortcuts for Adobe After Effects

Ctrl + Alt + NNew Project
Ctrl + NNew Composition
Ctrl + OOpen Project
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + POpen a most recent Project
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + KOpen Project Settings dialog box
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + NNew folder in Project panel
Ctrl + FFind in Project panel
Ctrl + IImport File
Ctrl + Alt + ;Open After Effects Preferences
Ctrl + ASelect all
F2 or Ctrl + Shift + ADeselect all
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
0 (Numpad) or SpacePreview your composition
Hover your mouse over the panel you want to expand and press ~Expand any panel to fit your entire screen
Ctrl + Alt + EInterrupt running a script
Hold down the Spacebar, then click and drag what you want to moveAccess the Hand Tool
Select what you want to duplicate, then press Ctrl + DDuplicate selected layers, effects, masks…
Ctrl + SSave your project
Ctrl + Shift + SSave As
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + SIncrement and save your project


Transform Properties Shortcuts

AAnchor Point
RRotation and Orientation
TOpacity property (for lights, Intensity)
LAudio Levels
FMask Feather
MMask Path
Hold Shift + any of the above hotkeysCall out multiple transform properties simultaneously
U + U (double-press U)View all adjusted properties
A + A (double-press A)Show only Material Options property group
E + E (double-press E)Show only expressions
S + S (double-press S)Show only selected properties and groups
UShow properties with keyframes


Keyframe Shortcuts

Click property nameSelect all property keyframes
Ctrl + Alt + ASelect all visible properties and keyframes
Shift + F2 or Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ADeselect all keyframes, property groups, and properties
Alt + Shift + property shortcutAdd or remove keyframe at the current time
Select the keyframes + F9Convert linear keyframes to Easy Ease
Shift + F9Convert linear keyframes to Ease In
Ctrl + Shift + F9Convert linear keyframes to Ease Out
UPull out all your keyframes
J or KJump between keyframes
Page Up or Page DownMove a single frame
IJump to the beginning of the layer
OJump to the end of the layer


Composition Panel Shortcuts

, or . (You can also use the scroll wheel)Zoom in or out
Shift + /Fit the comp window to the entire screen
\Toggle between Composition panel and Timeline panel
Ctrl + JFull resolution
Ctrl + Shift + JHalf resolution
Ctrl + Alt + JCustom resolution

Layer Shortcuts

Ctrl + YNew Solid Layer
Ctrl + Alt + YNew Adjustment Layer
Select layers + Ctrl + LLock certain layers
Ctrl + Shift + LUnlock all layers
F4Show/hide Modes columns and Layer Switches
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + VTurn Video switch on/off for a selected layer/s
Ctrl + Shift + VTurn Video switch off for all video layers excluding the selected ones
Ctrl + Alt + VPaste layers at the current time
Ctrl + Shift + DSplit selected layers (if you do not select layers, all layers are split)
Ctrl + Shift + TOpen Effect Controls for a selected layer
Double-click a layerOpen layer in a Layer panel
Double-click effect selection in Effects & Presets panelAdd an effect/s to selected layers
Select layers + Alt + HomeMove layers so that their In point is at the beginning of a composition
Select layers + Alt + EndMove layers so that their Out point is at the end of a composition


Other Shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + COpen the Pre-compose box
Ctrl + RActivate Rulers
Ctrl + ;Toggle Guides
Ctrl + Shift + ;Turn on Guide Snapping
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + ;Lock Guides
Ctrl + ‘Activate grid
VActivate Selection Tool
HActivate Hand Tool
CActivate Camera Tool
GActivate Pen Tool

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