Acer expands beyond PCs with new lightweight e-bike

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Acer expands beyond PCs with new lightweight e-bike
(Image Credit: Acer)

Acer, a well-known PC maker, is stepping into the e-bike market with the announcement of its new lightweight e-bike, the “ebii.” The bike weighs just over 35 pounds and features a chunky “ebii Box” that houses the control box, battery pack, and headlight. The battery can be removed and used as a portable charging station for USB-C devices, giving it a unique feature that sets it apart from other e-bikes on the market.

The ebii’s design may not be the most stylish or appealing with its utilitarian look, but Acer claims that it can accommodate most riders between 4.75 and 6 feet tall, making it suitable for a broad range of people. The bike also boasts a top speed of around 15 mph and a 68-mile range, which is adequate for most city commuting needs.

Acer has marketed the ebii as an “AI-driven” e-bike, which primarily refers to its machine learning capabilities. The ebii app claims to “adapt to the rider’s pedaling power, riding conditions, and preferred level of assistance, learning over time for a more personalized experience.” The app also features proximity-based locking and unlocking, as well as GPS positioning to help locate the bike if it gets lost or stolen.

Interestingly, the ebii doesn’t have a built-in screen to show the battery charge level or any other functionality. Instead, users can view this information using the app. Acer has not yet announced the price or availability of the ebii, leaving many potential buyers in suspense.

Despite Acer’s lack of experience in the e-bike market, the company’s foray into this space is exciting news for both e-bike enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts alike. The ebii’s unique design and features make it a compelling option for city commuters, and the machine learning capabilities promise a more personalized and intuitive experience. While we wait for more information on the price and availability of the ebii, it’s clear that Acer is serious about expanding its product line beyond PCs and tablets.