Get 50% off the annual Paramount Plus plan and a free Fire TV Stick Lite

Double the entertainment at half the price.

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Get 50% off the annual Paramount Plus plan and a free Fire TV Stick Lite
(Image Courtesy: Paramount+/Paramount Global/Paramount Streaming)

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We saw this same offer in May 2022, and this time Paramount Plus is giving away a free Fire TV Stick Lite when you sign up for the Paramount Plus annual plan. The good news is that their annual subscription is now 50% off, so you get both benefits: freebie + discount. According to Paramount Plus, this offer will expire on November 3rd, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, while supplies last.

Because of the discount, Paramount Plus is currently sold its annual subscription for $24.99 for the first year (regularly $49.99/yr) and $49.99 for the first year (regularly $99.99/yr) for the Essential and Premium tiers, respectively. Just remember that if you subscribe to a monthly plan, you will not receive a free Fire TV Stick Lite, so only subscribe to annual plans.

To get your free Fire TV Stick Lite, go to Paramountplus.com and click the REDEEM OFFER button. Then it will say “You’re just 3 quick steps away from streaming!” which you can skip by clicking the “CONTINUE” button.

You are now in the first step, where you must select a plan. Simply select Essential or Premium subscription and click the SELECT PLAN button to proceed.

As of now, Paramount Plus is asking you to subscribe to the Paramount Plus with SHOWTIME bundle, which you can avoid by clicking the MAYBE LATER button.

The next screen will prompt you to create an account; simply click the CONTINUE button to proceed to step 2. Simply enter your details, such as your full name, email address, and other details, and then click the CONTINUE button. Then it will ask you, “One last step!” “Add a payment method.”

To enter payment details, simply click the CONTINUE button. The final step is to enter your payment information, whether you want to use your credit card or pay with PayPal. After correctly entering your payment information, click the START PARAMOUNT+ button.

After you have completed all procedures, Paramount Plus will send you an email with a transaction receipt/details as well as an email with a promo code that you can use to get a FREE Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite from Amazon.com/fire-tv-stick-lite/dp/B07YNLBS7R.

The promotional code must be used by November 3rd, 2022. We recommend that you use that promo code as soon as you receive it in your email. You can share this article with your friends or someone else so they can also get this offer.

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