5 Best Natural Juices that Will Make You Smart

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5 Best Natural Juices that Will Make You Smart
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Organic is the new premium! These days, people have grown very interested in organic products. As consumers get smarter, they realize processed products can be very harmful to their health. So instead of chemically-derived products, more people are open to organic alternatives. For example, many people use fresh bitter melon juice to purge toxins. The results place it among the best juices for weight loss and glowing skin. But organic juices can also help your brain, not just your skin.

The right kind of fresh juices contain compounds that can help boost your brainpower. From improving memory to delivering the right nutrients, you can source many of these easily. Read on to discover 5 of the best organic juices to improve your brain health.

#1 Green Tea to Boost Focus and Memory

5 Best Natural Juices that Will Make You Smart — GadgetBond
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Green tea is a popular natural beverage in nearly any part of the world. Most people know it is a healthier natural beverage, even if it is not strictly a juice. But the benefits are undeniable. Green tea tends to have a much lower caffeine count than coffee or other teas. This means you take in fewer empty calories every time you have some. But it also contains some powerful nootropic compounds. These compounds may help the brain relax and offer increased focus at the same time. This makes it a great thing to have in the office at any point in the day. Certain studies also indicate green tea can improve memory and attention.

#2 Coffee to Improve Alertness and Focus

5 Best Natural Juices that Will Make You Smart — GadgetBond
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Coffee is a staple in most adult lives. It is often a very common part of most morning rituals and it is easy to see why. A higher caffeine content gives many of us that much-needed kick every morning that signals the start of the workday. That is no accident! Coffee is a naturally derived stimulant that can quickly boost brain alertness, memory, and reaction time. There is also evidence to suggest that coffee may help fight degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

#3 Blueberry Juice for Antioxidant Compounds

5 Best Natural Juices that Will Make You Smart — GadgetBond
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Blueberry juice and other berry juices are all the rage these days. These berries contain rich antioxidants like Anthocyanins. The antioxidants in berry juice can help some people improve their short-term memory and recall ability. It may also deliver the same results for long-term memory as well. However, there is still ongoing research, as many people don’t feel any changes in brainpower attributable to blueberry intake.

#4 Orange Juice for Increased Vitamin C

5 Best Natural Juices that Will Make You Smart — GadgetBond
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Orange juice is often a central part of any healthy breakfast spread. Fresh-squeezed orange juice is a rich natural source of Vitamin C. In fact, a single medium-sized orange can deliver all the Vitamin C an adult human being needs. Vitamin C does a lot more than just help humans fight the common cold and other viral infections. Studies suggest a regular intake of natural Vitamin C could actually help slow down or even halt declines in mental health.

#5 Spinach and Kale Smoothie to Slow Mental Decline

Leafy greens don’t always have to be something to force yourself to eat. You can actually blend spinach, kale, and collards into a cocktail of healthy compounds that boost health. Spinach and kale, in particular, often get props as some of the best naturally occurring brain foods. And it loses none of all those healthy compounds even as a smoothie.

Things to Remember

Naturally occurring foods and derivatives like organic juices are not a one-time choice. If you want to see significant improvements, they need to become part of your lifestyle. It is not enough to consume brain-boosting juices and green smoothies. You also need to start cutting out habits that have the opposite impact on your brain health.

That may mean drastic changes like cutting down (or quitting) alcohol, smoking, drugs, and prescription opioids. Additionally, you need to work out more, as a healthy body and a healthy mind often go together. Regulate your sleep cycle, stay away from unnecessary stress, and be sure to give your mind and body plenty of rest.

You could also benefit from an increasingly healthier food intake. Start by removing fast food from your regular diet, especially the deep-fried variety. Consume more lean meats and green vegetables than you currently do. And while you’re at it, look up some brain exercises to keep your thinking ability sharp and agile.