1MORE Launched $99 ComfoBuds Mini earbuds with ANC

The case looks pretty similar to the original Pixel Buds & Pixel Buds A-Series case, however, ComfoBuds Mini is slightly smaller than both in height.

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1MORE Launched $99 ComfoBuds Mini earbuds with ANC
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1MORE has officially launched the ComfoBuds Mini, their latest addition to the True Wireless earbuds category. This ComfoBuds mini, but mighty, earbuds weigh only 3.7g each and are smaller than a glass marble, measuring 17x13mm. They’re also packed with all the main capabilities expected in modern-day true wireless earbuds.

The ComfoBuds Mini has a 24-hour battery life and multiple listening modes, including Active Noise Cancellation up to 40dB, four microphones with a deep learning algorithm, Qi Wireless Charging, Sonarworks SoundID personalized sound, and IPX5 water protection for added peace of mind, all for $99 (the same price as current Pixel Buds A-Series).

The ComfoBuds Mini features 1MORE’s QuietMax Active Noise Cancelling Technology with both feedforward and feedback microphones to block out ambient noise and make calls crisper, in addition to providing a near-perfect seal due to their compact size.


They also have a number of noise cancellation modes to block out any unwanted noise. The loudest setting (40dB) is designed to totally block out the outside world, but the quieter ANC option allows some outside noise.

1MORE also has a Transparency Mode for enhancing specific noises around you, such as announcements, and a Wind Noise Resistance Mode for filtering out those annoying harsh frequencies created by high winds or while cycling at fast speeds.

Sonarworks’ smart algorithm SoundID software is included in 1MORE’s ComfoBuds Mini, proving their continued collaboration. SoundID assists users in determining the optimal customized sound profile for each individual, allowing them to enjoy the most individualized sound possible.

The ComfoBuds Mini offers a best-of-both-worlds approach with an excellently tuned sound profile out of the box and a user-dependent fine-tuning process helped by SoundID, thanks to tuning by 4-time Grammy award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi.


The 7mm dynamic driver in the buds produces a clear, realistic, balanced sound with excellent definition and low distortion. The ComfoBuds Mini also comes with an AI-powered DNN (Deep Neural Network) technology that recognizes, learns, and amplifies your voice to improve your phone call experience.

The buds’ four robust MEMS microphones (two per earbud) help to a broader and clearer call experience for individuals on the other line by removing ambient noise. You’ll instantly fall in love with the ComfoBuds Mini, whether you’re making a Zoom call or looking for the comfiest pair of earbuds.

The ComfoBuds Mini includes 30 soothing sounds on the 1MORE MUSIC App to help you relax or fall asleep.

The ComfoBuds Mini also has USB-C Fast Charging and Qi Wireless Charging connectivity. For those last-minute changes of plans, a simple 10-minute charge provides 80 minutes of playtime. The ComfoBuds Mini may be little in size, but it packs a big punch in terms of functionality.


ComfoBuds Mini Price & Availability

The ComfoBuds Mini is now available in Black and White for $99 through the 1MORE website and Amazon.com in the United States. If you purchase ComfoBuds Mini from the 1MORE website from now until April 13th, 2022, you will receive a $15 discount if you use the Promo code: ComfoMini15 at checkout.

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1MORE Launched $99 ComfoBuds Mini earbuds with ANC

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