The new 1MORE EVO earbuds with ANC now available for order at $169.99

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The new 1MORE EVO earbuds with ANC now available for order at $169.99
Source: 1MORE/1MORE Global

The earbuds were first revealed last month, and they’re due to go on sale globally today for $169.99, with a $30 discount through the 1MORE website, which means you can buy these EVO earbuds with ANC for just $139.99 if you use the code EVO30 at checkout. Before you buy this earbud, firstly, add it to the cart and then 1MORE will automatically add a wireless charger for you which is completely free of cost to you for a limited time, the earbuds are available in black and white color options to choose from.

For a limited time, the same discount is available at Amazon.com; to get that, go to Amazon.com and select the $30 discount coupon on the product page which is indicated by a small square box, all you need is to tick that box; you’ll see the $30 discount at the Amazon.com checkout page.

According to 1MORE, the EVO earbuds built on its previous flagship True Wireless ANC and current ColorBuds 2 by taking everything that was good about them and making them even better. The frequency response of the 1MORE EVO earphones is 20Hz to 40kHz. 1MORE claims that the EVO earbud provides excellent audio quality and has received Hi-Res Audio certification.


The 1MORE EVO earbuds offer crystal clear sound with deep bass and punchy sound even at low volume, thanks to Sonarworks. The earbuds can decode LDAC codecs up to 990Kbps, resulting in a fully enriched detailed soundscape and accurate music reproduction. This is high-fidelity audio that has developed into much more.

To know the all specs and features of 1MORE EVO earbuds with ANC, see our announced article for more details.

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The new 1MORE EVO earbuds with ANC now available for order at $169.99

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