1MORE Back to School brings up to 50% on its top products

Score the best Back to Schools deals at 1MORE

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1MORE Back to School brings up to 50% on its top products
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In case you missed the 1MORE’s Prime Day Sale at Amazon (especially ComfoBuds Mini deals), then this 1MORE’s Back to School event can have the best deals for you on 1MORE’s hot-selling products. The 1MORE Back to School has already started and will be concluded on July 26th, 2022, so don’t miss this chance to get the best discount on 1MORE’s products.

Before I get into the product details and its features, here are 1MORE Back School discount, and I also wanted to tell you a surprise offer, those who purchase 1MORE EVO earbuds from now through July 26, 2022, will get a FREE Qi wireless charger. So, here are the discount prices on 1MORE products through July 26, 2022:

*Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date and time indicated and are subject to change.

1MORE Back to School Deals (Up to 50% Off)

1MORE’s 72-Hours Flash Sale (From July 19 – July 21, 2022, PDT) (Up to 60% Off)

1MORE True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones (THX Certified)

The 1MORE True Wireless ANC In-Ear headphones, which launched at CES 2020, have dual drivers for better sound quality, two levels of active noise cancellation (ANC), pass-through mode, and wireless charging. These True Wireless ANC earbuds have a multi-driver architecture that includes one dynamic driver and one balanced armature to deliver amazing detail and rich sound in a small package. Other notable features include:

  • Active Noise Cancellation: Hybrid active noise cancellation with one feedforward mic and one feedback mic that allows the end-user to have much more comprehensive noise cancellation through a broader range of frequencies.
  • Surrounding Awareness: Pass-through mode lets in ambient noise, so users are able to stay aware of their surroundings while walking down a crowded city street.
  • User-friendly Compatibility: The latest Qualcomm chipset and Bluetooth 5 technology allow seamless aptX and AAC transmission compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Convenient Options: These headphones can be charged via a USB-C port or wirelessly using a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. A multi-functional button is also included on each earbud along with G sensors for touch controls that allow for control over ANC, song selection, volume, phone calls, and voice assistance.
  • Battery Life + Fast Charging: Users can enjoy 6 hours of battery life (5 with ANC on) on a full charge, and 22 hours of total battery life with the included portable charging case that provides three additional full-length charges. Fast charge capabilities are also included, where users can charge for only 15 minutes to get an additional 2 hours of use.
  • THX Certification: THX engineers conduct hundreds of scientifically-formulated tests to ensure the highest audio standards are met. These tests include frequency response, channel balance, cross-talk, THD, and polarity.

1MORE ComfoBuds Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

In March 2021, 1MORE released the ComfoBuds Pro, a comfortable and portable earphone that delivers the high-quality sound that 1MORE is known for. The ComfoBuds Pro has 1MORE’s QuietMax ANC Technology, as well as six ENC mics (3 per earbud) driven by an AI-powered deep neural network for crystal clear calls. All of this comes together to create an amazing pair of wireless earbuds.

QuietMax ANC Technology from 1MORE altered the way headphones deliver active noise cancellation by combining hybrid ANC technology with precise audio to immerse listeners in a captivating Hi-Fi audio environment, resulting in superior active noise cancellation and 1MORE’s signature sound for the ultimate sound experience.

The 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro has five adaptable modes to customize the ANC experience to one’s preferences. A full-fat ANC experience to block out external sounds greater than 35dB is best reserved for flight travel and small music gatherings, a lesser, more subtle ANC experience is better suited for chatty environments such as cafés, and a WNR mode (dubbed Wind Noise Resistance) to filter out specific microphonic frequencies caused by the wind attacking the feed-forward microphone facing the outside of the earbud is best reserved for chatty environments such as cafés.

Another mode called Pass-Through intelligently allows certain frequencies to come through the ANC mics to allow the user to be more consciously aware of their surroundings and listen out for important information such as travel announcements at the underground Metro, and finally, ANC off for a purer listening experience with 1MORE’s signature sound and 1MORE’s composite 13.4mm Dynamic Driver housed inside each earbud that delivers an authentic and balanced sound.

The rechargeable case of 1MORE’s ComfoBuds Pro provides more than a day’s charge with up to 28-Hours of seemingly non-stop listening pleasure thanks to Fast Charge technology, which allows the buds to receive 2-Hours of juice after a quick 15-Minute charge, giving users a solution for all-day, on-demand use.

Additionally, thanks to built-in infrared sensors, the ComfoBuds Pro has ‘Auto Play/Pause’ for a more convenient hands-free listening experience.

Other features include IPX4 water and sweat resistance for peace of mind while working out or using them in the rain, customizable touch controls via the 1MORE MUSIC App for a more personalized user experience, a voice assistant compatible with Siri and Google for ease of use, and instant Bluetooth 5.0 pairing for that added satisfaction of seeing the buds connect to your device before you even see it.

1MORE Spearhead VRX Over-Ear Gaming Headphones

The 1MORE Spearhead VRX gaming headphone features the revolutionary Waves Nx Head Tracking technology, a ground-breaking 3D audio technology that utilizes intelligent head tracking sensors to follow the listener’s every movement with virtual room emulation to immerse them into a virtual reality audio environment indistinguishable from being in the game (or movie).

The Waves Nx comes the VRX to reality as if you’re listening to it in real life. According to studies, head tracking increases the listener’s ability to localize audio sources by over 50% and lowers back-front ambiguity. This allows users to quickly detect the direction and position of a sound and increase their audio-location abilities, which elevates your gaming experience to new heights.

The VRX headphones use a 50 mm graphene synchronized vibrating magnetically levitated driver to assist power the ultra-realistic sound experience. Booms, bangs, and other gaming noises come alive thanks to the combination of vibrating drivers and sound propagation speed, as well as super bass acoustics tuning.

The headphones have a proprietary Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) dual-mic technology with a precise microphone array that can efficiently filter out over 90% of background noise to substantially improve in-game communication. This microphone array technique ensures that voice communication is crystal clear regardless of the environment.

1MORE ComfoBuds True Wireless Headphones with Four ENC Mics

The 1MORE ComfoBuds True Wireless Headphone was released in January 2021 and comes with top-of-the-line features such as 4 ENC Microphones for crystal clear calls, instant pairing for hassle-free use, Bluetooth 5.0 for extended range and sound/call quality, auto-pause/play touch controls, IPX5 water and sweat resistance, and 1MORE sound tuning for whatever you’re into.

1MORE ComfoBuds True Wireless Headphone includes:

  • Unrivaled Sound Quality: A 13.4 mm extra-large dynamic driver reproduces natural and authentic sound true to original recordings.
  • Ergonomic and Lightweight Earbuds: Weighing merely 3.8 g, these ergonomically crafted earbuds with a semi-in-ear design ensure a secure fit with added comfort.
  • Instant Pairing: Instant pairing technology connects the earbuds automatically (after initial pairing) with your device once you open the case.
  • Four ENC Microphones: Four built-in ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) microphones effectively suppress outside noise while amplifying your voice.
  • Auto Play & Resume: The infrared sensor will automatically pause music playback when you take the earbuds out of your ears and resume when you put them back on.