WhatsApp introduced Joinable Group Calls that let users join even after you missed

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WhatsApp introduced Joinable Group Calls that let users join even after you missed
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Today WhatsApp introduces a new Joinable Group Calls feature that lets users join a group call or video call even after they missed it, which means it will be helpful to users join a group call even if they missed a call when their phone rings. This feature is currently not released yet and there’s no official confirmation from WhatsApp when it will release for Android and iOS.

According to the company, Joinable Group Calls to reduce the burden of answering a group call as soon as it begins and bring the spontaneity and ease of in-person conversations to a group calling on WhatsApp.


While this update provides an easy way to leave and rejoin a group WhatsApp call while it is still in process. Unfortunately, WhatsApp users have not had a native ability to join a group call or add people during a voice or video call until today.

To join a missed WhatsApp group call, tap the Tap to Join option in the call long on WhatsApp to join an ongoing group call even if it was missed, so you can join that missed call with this option.

WhatsApp is also adding a new call info screen that allows users to see who has been invited but has not yet joined the conversation. Instead of collecting their data after joining the call, you can check the active participants of the call from the call info screen.


Additionally, the call info screen has an Ignore button that lets you ignore a call and join it later from the Calls tab in WhatsApp.

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