What’s new in Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2

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What’s new in Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2
Image | Courtesy of Xiaomi India

Xiaomi India just launches the new Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 with an exclusive price tag of ₹1,799 (roughly $24.23), and you are here to know what’s new in Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2.

Humans have been shaving beards since ancient times, even in today’s modern times. The attraction of beards has increased a lot among the youth. And proper shaping of the beard is also very important for growing a beard.

For this, primitive man used various weapons for shaving the beards, because modern technology was not being invented at that time. But, today is the modern era and day by day new technology are getting invented and still developing.

Since then, many companies introducing their own products in the market, and today we’re taking Xiaomi here as an example from those companies. They have recently introduced their new product called “Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2.”

Recently in August 2021, Xiaomi launched a new trimmer product called Mi Beard Trimmer 1C which gives you up to 1 hour of battery life and it cost ₹1,099, and they also launched the original Mi Beard Trimmer long ago and I am still using it whenever I need it which is now available for ₹1,499, but I bought only at ₹1,099 during the sale in 2019 and trimmer is still working and in well condition.

The Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 is the newest product to their trimmer family by providing better features over its original Mi Beard Trimmer, so let’s have look.

The new Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 gets a new LED battery indicator and now it showing battery life in percentage at the lower side of the trimmer while the original Mi Beard Trimmer only has three small LED indicators.

With the new percentage LED indicator in Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2, you will know the exact percentage of battery life so you can guess how much you can shave your beard with the new Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 in that particular percentage or it will let you know the how much charging is left in your Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2. And that LED charging indicator feature I was wanted in my original Mi Beard Trimmer but I guess now they have save for this new.

And then Xiaomi has added a USB-C charging port to Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 rather than using traditional trimmer chargers like we have to see in Philips trimmers.

Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 has a 700mAh Li-ion battery with Quick Charging technology which gives 12 minutes of cordless runtime in just 5 minutes, the Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 can long last up to 90 minutes when it has fully charged and it takes 2 hours to full charge, also you can use Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 cordless and corded. You can use a 5V=2A adapter to charge Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2.

Xiaomi kept the design of Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 in the same way as the original one. Matte design is a special feature of this trimmer. The matte design makes the trimmer easy to hold. And at the same time, they look very classy.

Another cool feature Xiaomi has added to the new Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 is the washable body, it has now an IPX7 rating so you can easily wash Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 with water when your beard is done.

Xiaomi additionally added the Travel Lock feature in Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 which helps you to save battery life when you are doing lots of travel and this feature is also useful when you or someone accidentally push the power button of the trimmer when it is in your bag.

To enable the travel lock, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the LED display indicates the Travel lock symbol. To disable the lock, press and hold the button for 3 seconds until the trimmer switches on.

Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 Price and Availability

I already added the price of Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 at the starting of this post and its package content includes Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 itself, USB-C cable, 2x combs (0.5mm – 10mm & 10.5mm – 20mm), Travel pouch, and cleaning brush, there is no charger included in the box but you can use your regular charger to charge Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 while the Xiaomi is recommending to use 5V=2A adapter for charging.

Xiaomi Beard Trimmer 2 is available to order at the Xiaomi India website and Amazon India (available soon).

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