Telegram brings Voice Chats 2.0, Recorded Chats, Raise Hand, and more

Apr 9, 2021, 9:17 PM UTC
2 mins read
Telegram brings Voice Chats 2.0, Recorded Chats, Raise Hand, and more

The latest Telegram updates bring Voice Chats 2.0 which gets some new features called Limitless Voice Chats where admins of channels and public groups can now host voice chats for millions of live listeners. To start a Voice Chat, open the profile of any groups or channel and tap the (⋮) or (⋯), and select Start Voice Chat.

Another feature from the latest Telegram update added Recorded Chats where the admin can record audio from voice chats to save talks and publish them for followers who missed the live event. Once the recording is finished then the audio file will instantly be available in your Saved Messages. Noticeably, recorded chats will be marked with a red light next to their title.

Telegram also introduces the Raise Hand feature which is very helpful in chats where participants are muted, whenever this situation happens listeners can tap to raise their hand and alert the admins that they want to speak.

Apart from the above feature from the latest Telegram update, it has also added Speaker and Listener Links where admins of public groups and channels now create invite links that open the voice chat right away. There are also separate links made for listeners and speakers, and Voice Chats also allow the addition of titles, which is very helpful to users so they see the topic of conversation before they join.

When entering a voice chat in a channel, users have the option to join with their personal account or appear as one of their channels. Celebrities and public figures can use this to avoid drawing too much attention to their personal accounts.

There’s also a new action feature for Android users, which means when users swipe the chat list they will see the options like archiving chats, pinning, muting, deleting, or marking them as read. If you’re an iOS user, then don’t worry this feature is already built-in.

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