Here’s how the new Material You buttons look on Google Play Store
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Here’s how the new Material You buttons look on Google Play Store

Jul 12, 2022, 2:25 PM UTC
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A new search field, bottom bar, and Dynamic Color for those two essential features were added to the home screen in the original Material You update from October. Now, users will begin to see pill-shaped buttons all around the apps on Google Play Store, thanks to Material You design. The rectangular buttons from Material Design 2 with their slightly rounded corners have been replaced with pill-shaped buttons.

The “Install,” “Uninstall,” and “Update” buttons on app listings have undergone these alterations, whereas category chips and filters have had a design update. Given that buttons are used more often and are usually bigger, it is the appropriate trade-off. The modifications can also be seen in the search results and on the Manage apps & device page.

Buttons, which are generally green, do not have Dynamic Color theming.

In the meantime, Google Play on the web does not have Material You despite the significant revamp and was probably already under development before the new design language.

The Play Store will soon undergo a significant upgrade for Android tablets and other large-screen devices. The Material You home screen is not yet available for those form factors. While the major feeds make use of cards for a denser user interface, the redesign will feature a navigation rail.

New Material You button style on Google Play Store

Old button style on Google Play Store

Source: 9to5Google

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