Hover-1 Blast Electric Hoverboard is now $80 (a $40 savings)

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Hover-1 Blast Electric Hoverboard is now $80 (a $40 savings)
(Image Credit: Best Buy)

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What’s the offer — Get a $40 discount on the Hover-1 Blast Electric Hoverboard at Best Buy. During Best Buy’s 20 Days of Deals, you can get the Hover-1 Blast Electric Hoverboard for $80 instead of $120.

Have fun on the Hover-1 Blast Hoverboard. With integrated LED illumination, this quick, powerful, and adaptable hoverboard shines brightly. Not to mention the dual 160W motors that get you to your destination quickly. You can zip back and forth at warp speed with a maximum ride range of 3 kilometers.

The Blast Electric Hoverboard provides you with a quick burst of speed, allowing you to get to your nearby locations in record time! In only a few minutes, you can get to a friend’s house and back in time for supper. Ideal for the boisterous child that enjoys exploring the neighborhood.