Amazon Echo Show 8: A great investment for your smart home – save $55 now!

Mar 25, 2023, 3:43 PM EDT
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Amazon Echo Show 8: A great investment for your smart home - save $55 now!
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Are you looking to upgrade your home to a smart home system, but the high prices of some smart home hubs have left you hesitant? Well, today might be your lucky day because Amazon has some fantastic deals on Echo devices, including a great price cut on the Echo Show 8. Normally priced at $129.99, you can now get it for only $74.99. This deal is too good to miss if you’re looking for an entry point into the world of smart home tech, especially one with a screen.

The second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8, released in 2021, is an impressive variation of the Amazon Echo smart speakers. With an 8-inch touchscreen that boasts HD resolution, this smart display takes the digital assistant experience to another level. You can use the display to make video calls, watch tutorials, and access all your favorite streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify, and Apple Music. The new model has a better camera, faster performance, and pan and tilt functionality that allows the camera to follow you around during a video call.


If you’re wondering whether the second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8 is worth the upgrade from the first-generation model, which launched in 2019, the answer is yes. The improvements in the 2021 model make it a worthwhile purchase, even with the omission of the rear auxiliary port, which allowed for an external speaker or headphone connection in the first-generation model.

Adding the second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8 to your home is a smart investment that will enhance your lifestyle. And with the current offer on Amazon, you can even afford to get multiple units to transform your home into a fully connected smart home system. At only $74.99, you can save $55 off the normal price of $129.99.

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