5 Indoor Plants For Good Energy And Happiness

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5 Indoor Plants For Good Energy And Happiness
Illustration of indoor plants (Image by "Ka " via Dribble)

The benefits of bringing greenery indoors are considerable. Adding to that the house’s beauty is brightened, the air quality is better, and positivity. Not all plants, though, can be kept inside the home.

Some of the best indoor plants are supposed to bring us happiness, while others are thought to be unlucky and attract bad vibes. Consult the Vastu Shastra to understand which plants belong outside and which ones belong inside.

Feng Shui (also called Chinese geomancy) is a Chinese philosophy/tradition that has connections to Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shatra is a Sanskrit word, which translates to “science of architecture.” The purpose is usually to create a friendly and peaceful environment.

Its science can be used to place plants in homes that will impact the residents’ health, fortune, and wealth. Bamboo, jasmine, aloe vera, and money plants are good indoor plants, however, cactus and creepers are considered to take in bad energy.


Under its standards, the following are some indoor plants you must keep in your home:

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5 Indoor Plants for Happiness


Tulsi, the mystical plant of the Hindu religion, builds good and joy while fending against negativity and evil. Handle it with great attention and care, and place it in the east or northeast corner of the house.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is believed to be lucky. To thrive, they need a lot of direct, bright light. To increase the positive energy in your home or place it in the southeast of work and to bring luck and wealth. It’s said that a 10-bamboo cluster will bring success and good health.

Money Plant

Money plant is famous for bringing people luck, positivity, and success as well as having an influence on their financial well-being. It is believed that positioning it in the southeast will bring good health. These are low-maintenance and may survive in indirect sunlight.


Lily is a lovely plant that will improve the aesthetics of your home. It brightens the interior and inspires living a healthy lifestyle. It purifies the air and wards off negative energy, per Vastu. Lily is also believed to boost emotional well-being and bring peace and calm. For both physical and emotional well-being, they should be positioned at the east corner. It can be kept in the southwest corner for wealth and success.

Snake Plant

Africa and Asia are their native continents. Its evergreen leaves signal its presence. It requires little maintenance and may easily survive less water and direct sunlight. The snake plant is perfect for the bedroom since it filters the air and boosts oxygen flow, both of which reduce anxiety and tension. You can use them to bring positive energy into your home by placing them in the east, south, or south-eastern corners of your home.